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SEKER Group Company is engaged in a variety of fields in the billboard industry, such as advertisement on large walls, marketing unique products, importing, installing and marketing LED and mesh screens both indoor and outdoor, and installing transparent screens on display windows – which are considered new in the screens industry. In addition, the company specializes in digital printing, including large scale printing, manufacturing and installing wallscapes and producing complex digital signage projects.

Among the projects that the company is currently engaged in are four wallscapes on Ayalon highways, and wallscapes in Eilat, Jerusalem and Ramat Gan (For example on the prestigious "Pivko" building, on "Tarbut Laam" building in Ayalon highways and on Sheraton hotel in Eilat promenade).

As a part of the company's activities in the fields of digital and mesh screens, the company focuses on establishing advanced advertising systems and marketing them to end-users and clients, and as well as on founding advanced media and screens systems in resolutions that fits both indoor and outdoor screens and wallscapes in different sizes.

In addition, SEKER Group is also engaged in importing screens for advertising in football and basketball stadiums (For example the Arena hall in Jerusalem, Bloomfield stadium in Tel-Aviv, and basketball halls in Nahariya and at the "Drive In" in Tel-Aviv). Also one of the company's specialties is using new technology for producing transparent screens designed to be shown on display windows, external walls or passageways, and moving staircases in shopping malls or buildings. SEKER Group played an active role in installing many screens across the country, including the largest LED screen in Israel and one of the biggest in Europe – On "Kenyon HaZahav" shopping mall in Rishon LeZion.

In the field of mesh screens, the company has entered new areas – transparent screens designed to be shown on display windows, and mesh screens in advanced resolutions (Outdoor 6 pitch, indoor 2.5 pitch) that can be used by retail chains as well as by other various chain stores like fashion brands.

The company owns an advertising franchise in most of the large shopping malls in Israel (For example Azrieli group malls, Ramat Aviv shopping mall, Seven Stars mall in Herzliya, Renanim mall, "Mall Hayam" Eilat and many others). In these shopping malls the company is operating billboards, advertisements on parking pillars and on parking entrance barriers.

Among the projects that the company is conducting we can mention the WiFi project of Tel-Aviv municipality – in which umbrellas were installed on a thick net in Ben-Gurion avenue, the "Beaches" Project, the large 430 square meters billboard in Rabin Square, and the yearly "Street Poetry" project in different avenues in Tel-Aviv. Also can be mentioned many printing and installing billboards projects on commercial buildings such as Pelephone building, Honigman building and "Mall Hayam" Eilat.

Among our clients are leading advertisers and advertising agencies, fashion companies, and chain stores – some of them on long term partnership basis. The following clients can be mentioned in context of projects of advertising on building and shopping malls, and additional various productions: Pelephone, Bezeq, Rolex, Soda Stream, Orange, Gap, Tel-Aviv city hall, Sakal, Renault, Nike, April, Vardinon, Clalit, Ezorim, H. Stern, Keds, Holmes Place, Nimrod and more.

The company was founded by Asher Damba and Alon Seker, who own and manage it since 2005.


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